Magic MixUp

Join Luna on a magical match-3 adventure! Collect pets, mix potions, find stickers and puzzle your way through a land of fairytale fun!

My Responsibilities:
  • Store / economy / purchase systems
  • Remote update and content systems
  • Social integration with Facebook including sharing, synchronising save data to remote servers, invite system, achievements and leaderboards.
  • Gifting systems
  • Save data system.
  • Player notifications, including iOS local notifications and remote, in game messaging systems.
  • UI development
  • General gameplay development and improvement
  • Analytics development
  • Optimisation - taking code inherited from other developers and modifying the core game loop and assets to provide a 50% reduction in CPU usage and 20% drop in memory
  • Continued development, maintenance and bug fixing to co-incide with update cycles

  • Magic MixUp
  • Platform

    iOS & Android

  • Engine


  • DATE
    August 2015
  • LINK
    App Store