Agent Dash

A fast paced endless runner on iOS and Android downloaded by over 20million people.

Agent Dash was originally released in 2012, using a custom in-house C++ engine. In 2015, a new version was created using Unity3D.

My Responsibilities:
  • Store / economy /purchase systems
  • Conversion of key systems from custom engine to Unity3D.
  • Social integration with Facebook and Game Center including sharing, synchronising save data to remote servers, achievements, invite system and leaderboards
  • Gameplay servers
  • Save data system
  • Player notifications, including iOS local notifications and remote, in game messaging systems.
  • UI development
  • General gameplay development
  • Optimisation
  • Continued development and maintenance

  • Agent Dash
  • Platform

    iOS & Android

  • Engine


  • DATE
    April 2015
  • LINK
    App Store